Suturb the Malignant

  • Race: Human
  • Class: Barbarian 1
  • Alignment: Evil
  • Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde
  • Eye Colour: Green
  • Skin tone: Tanned White
  • Height: 6’0
  • Age: 20
  • Physical Build: Built
  • Languages: Common, Giant

Suturb was a “pelosian”(Heir to the throne), He stand 5 feet tall and has short dirty blonde hair, an unkempt beard to keep his face warm, he belonged to a barbarian tribe located in the far north called “Alcione” the Alciones were at constant war with an Orc tribe they had named Thealsea roughly translated into common as “Great Enemy” which resulted in speaking Giant as a first language and only picking up common in bits.

Suturb was born on a battlefield and is the son of Ulath the tribe leader. Suturb matured quickly as a youth and, by age fifteen he was already a respected warrior having participated in the destruction of the Thealsian outpost in Cammora he favoured the hammer as his weapon but found that he couldn’t throw maul’s very far so he’s practiced with javelins if the tribe leader ever ordered a ranged assault, which turned out to be never and later lead to the demise of his tribe when the remaining Thealsian tribe still out numbered his and Ulath ordered to assault them. Although Suturb survived the battle he was taken captive by the Thealsian and tortured for information on where the rest of the Alcione tribe was, thought Suturb insisted that there weren’t any left, they did not believe him and continued the torture until Suturb could bare it no more he cried out in common a phrase he had heard many times before striking down his enemy “God’s help me” and passed out at the point that would kill a normal man.

A large man stood in front of where Suturb was tied up he was distorted by the grime of war and battle with many scars that have somewhat deformed his face. His skin is a dark colour of rust, and is donned in horrible full plate armour that contains rough, blunt spikes on the outside. He carries a huge, thick bastard sword, the handle of which looks like a curling dragon “What is your freedom worth to you?” he asked with a grizzly voice. Suturb looked at him with bewilderment “I would take a thousand lives to save my own” the man unsheathed his sword and drew closer. Suturb raised his tied hands expecting the man to cut his restraints, but instead the man cut a gash in Suturb’s palm. The man’s eyes lit up at the sight of blood. As Suturb inspected his wound the man made another cut this time in his palm. Grabbing at his gashed hand the man pressed their palms together, letting the blood from their wounds to seep into one another. “You have now have the blood of a god running through you.” “Who are you?” asked Suturb. “I am your master. My blood runs through you now.” Suturb was suddenly overcome by a strange desire. He thirsted for carnage.

Suturb the Malignant

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