The Face Of Evil

The Opening Scenes

None of the characters had any connection with each other before this session.

Port Prodigal: Far to the North Port Prodigal lies on the coast, beyond the control of any authority, military or naval. In years gone by its inhabitants were criminals one and all but recently due to its prime location on the trade route it has become somewhat civilized. Still a place of danger but now with increased wealth. You each have found your way here for one reason or another:

Suturb: Following the strange visitation you blink to find the man gone and your ties cut. You quickly reclaim your possessions before slaughtering the nearby guards. You sense new power coursing through your veins but you realise you can’t kill all the orcs by hand due to their numbers you use the cover of dark to set fire to the camp. You watch and smile as the inferno consumes dozens of orcs. Rather than kill what remains in vengeance you feel your thirst for carnage drawing you down from the mountains, towards Port Prodigal. You pass the city gates following this sixth sense through twists and turns before finding yourself at a tavern. As soon as you enter your anger loses its focus, you’re furious but at everything. Making your way to the bar you bump a seated patron spilling his drink. He stands up and looks at you, you find yourself staring up into the red eyes of an orc. The very angry eyes of a very large orc. A close fight followed but eventually Suturb succumbs to the powerful Orc.

time passes You wake up in a cell. A very small, very dirty cell. Next cell over is the orc from the bar. Outside the cell sits the town warden, his feet up puffing merrily on a cigar. You see a man with a facial scar saunter in, whisper a few words to the warden and slide the man a large gemstone before pointing at you and then the orc. “Go for it. Just have to put them down myself”. At sword point you find yourself lead to a wagon, the comatose orc thrown up beside you. The wagon stops at the docks and you’re quickly guided aboard a black ship, Hunter emblazoned proudly on its side.

Targath: You wandered into Port Prodigal almost a month back, set up shop in the merchant district and began to sell your “dwarven wares” for exorbitant prices. You’ve noticed the telltale signs of growing ill-will and you plan to move on soon enough. But tonight you’ve spent the night drinking in one of your preferred watering holes, the ‘Jumping Jilickers’. Your feeling a bit out of sorts but that’s hardly unexpected, any human would have been unconscious hours ago. Shaking your head you already feel the haze beginning to clear, suddenly a shape detaches itself from an alley up ahead. You see the gleam from the blade in his hand, “oh Targath, I want my money back. Give me your pouch or feel my knife!” You recognize him as a man you lightened the purse of earlier, too drunk and stupid to be gambling with that much gold, but he seems to have sobered up. Targath is dealing with the ruffian with ease but a press gang soon shows up. “Looky wot we’ve got here. A man and a dwarf with too much aggression, prime for the pickin. Grab them.”

Kairon: You left your home town a few weeks ago, you got onto the first ship to leave, paid your way and now here you are. The ship arrived less than an hour before, asking a harbor official you now make your way towards the Whispering Eye Inn. The street is full of people, each going about their own business. A large laborer walks past smiling politely. You have to stop as you are blocked by a crowd that has formed trying to pass an overturned cart. You feel the slightest lightening of your belt pouch, spinning around you see a youth dash into the alley next to you. As you step into the alleyway you see the youth at a dead end frantically looking for an escape. You approach only for three piles of refuse to shift, each revealing a tough holding a cudgel. The middle one smiles at you. Kairon dispatches one of his attackers but with the help of a fourth man from behind they manage to incapacitate him. p. times passes You find yourself coming groggily conscious as the thieves heave you to your feet on the familiar looking docks. You seem to have been drugged. You struggle to follow as the thieves hand you over to some tattooed men standing on the pier. Shirtless and barefoot they have the look of born sailors. A sack of gold is handed over and you are quickly hauled aboard the ship. You find yourself thrown into the cargo hold, sitting there for a while you notice an angry struggling mightily at his bonds and a soundly snoring orc on one side. While next to you are two men covered in bruises and what looks like an incredibly drunk man. Far down the end you can make out more chained shapes. You struggle to remain conscious and after an hour or so you see the body of a sleeping dwarf heaved in to join the party.

Mordecai: You arrived here following the trail of one of Haman’s captains. His ship the Kraken Queen lies at anchor in the harbor, you’ve spent the last two days trying to find the man who owns the ship or someone who can lead you to him. You’ve only found empty rumors and useless leads, at your wit’s end you contemplate swimming out to the ship itself. The crunch of gravel behind you alerts you to someone’s presence, turning around you see four men attempting to sneak up on you. The foremost curses when you turn around, “You’ve been asking lot o’ questions tiefling, Mr Lockwood don’t like I’ when people keep askin’ bout ‘im. ‘e told us to get rid uv you. But where’s the profit in that, get ‘im boys. Don’t kill ‘im tho.” Mordecai is beaten and joins the slaves in the ship.

Moor: When you left the Forest (link) you found yourself in a group of states known collectively as The Confederacy (link). You explored some of these kingdoms for a while but found yourself craving a more compelling environment. Having figured out the concept of money you paid for passage on The Kestrel with “appropriated funds” and travel Eastward seeking lands of interest. Now you sail through the Broken Sea, bypassing Port Prodigal because the captain is too cheap to pay for passage. Some of the other passengers having been muttering over his choice, worried something called “pirates” would kill them. It’s the middle of the night and suddenly you’re roused from your sleep, you can’t hear anything now but you’re sure something roused you from your sleep. Opening your door you surprise a man dressed all in black who was about to open a door near yours. Moor is taken hostage by the pirates taking the ship. time passes You find yourself chained up in the hold of a ship, presumably the pirate ship. The black manacles on your arms seem to cancel out your magical ability.

You find yourselves awakened by harsh sunlight and the cawing of seagulls. Looking around you see a cargo hold full of people. time passes Throughout the day you are given enough bread and water to survive, nothing more. time passes You come to realise the man with the scar on his face is Captain Kale while the first mate is a hulking hobgoblin named Krag and you have all been sold into slavery. Kale comes down to check on the slaves, making sure his profit is ok. But he seems to pay special attention to you four and a well dressed tiefling sitting nearby. The orc from the bar hasn’t regained consciousness even now so four large pirates throw the vegetable overboard to feed the sharks. time passes From your limited view of the sky you can tell that a large storm has developed overhead. It seems to have come in extremely quickly and from the curses coming from on deck, unexpectedly. Liam, you begin to feel a thumping noise inside your head. Suddenly all hell breaks loose, flashes of lightning and cracks of thunder surround the ship and huge waves make the ship rock alarmingly. A few prisoners are noisily sick, their puke mixing with the vile substances already surrounding the new slaves. A massive bolt of lightning strikes the mast shattering it and setting the sails on fire. While the crew frantically try and put out the flame a terrific cracking side comes from the bottom of the ship. You hear screams of “We’ve lost the keel” and “we’re gonna crash into that island.” A few agonising moments later the ship splinters on the hard rock shore of an island. You find yourselves free from the wall, still manacled but free to swim ashore.

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